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The Court Reporting and Captioning at Home Program is comprehensive and includes the NEW Blaze Touchscreen Realtime Writer, full studio produced video tutorials, state-of-the-art training platform, internship, job placement, and support from credentialed court reporters, captioners and CART providers!

Meet Barb M., Court Reporting and Captioning at Home Graduate and Canadian CART Provider.  Barb lives on her cattle ranch in Alberta and provides CART Providing for a California university. CLICK HERE for Barb's full story.

Watch the above video and learn how you can become a court reporter, closed captioner, or CART provider in Canada!
Court Reporting and Captioning at Home Canada

Court Reporting and Captioning at Home is a worldwide court reporting and closed captioning training program.

Students from the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, the UK, South Africa, Jamaica, and Cayman Islands have successfully trained with this trendsetting realtime court reporting and captioning program.

This comprehensive realtime training program teaches the ONLY state of the art realtime theory, approved by the NCRA, that was written specifically for distance education.

Realtime is the future of the court reporting profession.  No other form of reporting can equal the skills of the machine shorthand realtime writer.  The CRAH training materials are state-of-the-art and are designed to make you the best realtime writer in your chosen career.

Our court reporting training program is customized for Canadian Court Reporting Students to pass the necessary certification, if any, in their province. 

Our support department of credentialed court reporters is available 365  days per year, and they will provide you with all the necessary information about the court reporting requirements in your Canadian province.

No prior court reporting experience is necessary, and all equipment including the computer compatible Blaze touch screen steno machine from ProCat, all court reporting training software, skill-building materials, and academics, is included.

Any court reporting materials specific to Canadian Court Reporter certification are also included in the cost.

The Canada certification test arrangements will be made for the student by the Court Reporting and Captioning at Home support staff, and all certification test fees will be paid by CRAH.

Also included in the cost of the program is internship and job placement.

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Court Reporting and Captioning at Home is proud to introduce Our State-of-the-Art, Studio Produced, Video Tutorials.  These One of a Kind tutorials connect the Court Reporting, Captioning, CART Providing student with the best technology available to capture the spokent word!

Still Shots of Court Reporting and Captioning at Home's Exclusive, Studio Produced, Video Tutorials  

Chosen By...
  • The United Nations to train the first realtime court reporters in Africa
  • The U.S. State Department, U.S. Embassy in Jamaica to train 45 realtime court reporters
  • The F.B.I. to train captioners
  • ​Auburn University who offers CRAH as a professional development program
  • AND...hundreds of students just like YOU!
Watch the above video and learn how you can become a Canadian realtime court  reporter, broadcast closed captioner, or CART Provider.  The Court Reporting and Captioning at Home Experience can change your life!